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187 Army

Subscribing to 187 Army is an easy way for anybody located anywhere in the world with no prior trading experience to get great tuition from a quality mentor who is active in the markets.

Individuals at any skill level will be able to join and become a part of the 187 Army.

In the 187 Army we will cover Technical Analysis of the financial markets, risk management, how to create a profitable trading strategy, how to optimise trading strategies for more profits, fewer losing trades and trading psychology in order to keep your emotions under control when trading.


  • You will become a profitable trader regardless of your skill level
  • Trader187 will provide regular video tutorials, which are a great help, as he shows you a step-by-step on the video tutorials that all people can follow.
  • Instant access to quality content.
  • You will not have to learn things the hard way by blowing your trading account or by having to filter through countless forums, websites or pointless YouTube videos made by people who do not trade themselves; instead Justyn will show you the correct information and provide you with learning material which will dramatically decrease the learning curve to becoming consistently profitable.
  • If you would like more in depth knowledge on Financial Trading or technical analysis Contact Us and let us know.


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