How do I get started on my journey to becoming a consistently profitable Trader

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How long it will take me to become a profitable trader?

Each 187 Army member will follow a proven step by step process in order to become a profitable trader even if they are a complete beginner.

Can I really become a consistently profitable Trader ?

Yes! Providing you follow the step by step process which is provided you will become a profitable Trader.

How often will new video Tutorials/Webinars be available ?

We update our video tutorial/webinars regularly.

How much profit can i make ?

The amount of profit you make is completely up to you as you will be the one trading your account. Once we get you to a level of understanding of trading and then you show consistency in your trading performance the amount of profit you can make is completely in your hands.

What is technical analysis and what can I do with it ?

Technical Analysis is the use of past market data in order to predict the likely future direction of the market whether it be up or down. Traders can use this to help them make trading decisions in order to produce a consistently profitable trading strategy.

Do I need to have a specific background in order to be successful ?

Nothing! It is absolutely FREE to start learning, and there are many brokerages that offer free demo accounts.

How high the risk in forex trading ?

Justyn (Trader187) follows a strict risk management policy. Risk management is key when it comes to trading, and the risk on accounts is kept low. Trading is an investment and should not be rushed. Our aim will be for you to make your own consistently profitable trading strategy that manages risk to a very high standard.

Can I have the 187 Army at any time ?

We would hate to see you go, however yes you can leave the 187 Army at any time. You are not tied into a contract.