Justyn “Trader187” (MSTA) is a focused, systematic and meticulous financial trader. He is talented and driven with extensive technical trading capabilities. He is able to analyse, understand and act upon market trends in the most volatile conditions. With over 7 years trading experience under his belt, he is now able to depend on trading to help him achieve his goals. Growing from humble beginnings, Justyn has a passion for making a difference. He understands the power of having goals and dreams, and wants to help the new generation of traders to find a spark within that will give them the drive and mindset to achieve whatever their minds perceive.

Justyn started the 187 Army not only to inspire all aspiring traders out there, but to also help make a difference to his community by being a positive role model. Watch the video below to learn more about Trader187.

Specialities include: Technical Analysis, Trade Execution, Risk Management, Strategy Development, Automated Position Management and Foreign Exchange Policies.


My name is Paddy Osborn. I have over 25 years of market experience, both as a financial trader and technical analyst. I am a director at a London based trading academy and I lecture at several UK universities including Cass Business School, Birmingham, Aston, Greenwich and Brunel University where I teach trading techniques to the next generation of city traders.
I first met Justyn in 2011 when he enrolled on a forex course in Central London. I was immediately impressed by his intelligence, his strong work ethic and determination to succeed in this field. He was the youngest member of the group, but one of the brightest and he was appointed team leader after just three months based upon his good progress and the trading strategies he employed when assisting his peers within the group. As his mentor, I was struck by his willingness to seek advice or clarity during this period of study and his resilience in working to improve his analytical techniques in order to gain a full appreciation of the source of errors identified in the trading strategies developed by him and his team members.

He showed great commitment by travelling daily from Birmingham to London for a 07.30 start and was never late. I have always admired his commitment and integrity and we have remained in contact since he completed the course, frequently discussing his trading performance and progress.

Paddy Osborn – Director of a trading academy


MSTA Level 2: Justyn is a member of The Society of Technical Analysts and achieved an STA level 2. He has featured in “The Financial Times” newspaper alongside other people who also successfully passed the examination and obtained the qualification. The MSTA is an internationally recognized qualification that is regarded as the kite mark for technical analysis.


Developed an algorithm that manages risk and locks in profit.

– Created a Quantitative Trading strategy that has proven to be profitable over several years and more recently on live accounts.

– Completed an internship at a trading firm working closely with industry professionals with over 25 years of experience in the financial markets.

– Selected to become team leader in a trading firm within 3 months, after displaying to mentors good progress and improved trading strategies. Justyn also helped develop a team of five other traders.