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About TRADER187 ‘Justyn’


Justyn “Trader187” (MSTA) is a focused, systematic and meticulous financial trader. He is talented and driven with extensive technical trading capabilities. He is able to analyse, understand and act upon market trends in the most volatile conditions. With over 7 years trading experience under his belt, he is now able to depend on trading to help him achieve his goals. Growing from humble beginnings, Justyn has a passion for making a difference. He understands the power of having goals and dreams, and wants to help the new generation of traders to find a spark within that will give them the drive and mindset to achieve whatever their minds perceive.

Justyn started the 187 Army not only to inspire all aspiring traders out there, but to also help make a difference to his community by being a positive role model. Watch the video below to learn more about Trader187.

Specialities include: Technical Analysis, Trade Execution, Risk Management, Strategy Development, Automated Position Management and Foreign Exchange Policies.